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Faith Statement

What we Believe

Sam and Debbie believe:

  • Jesus is God and the only way to eternal life
  • Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin
  • Jesus died for our sins
  • Jesus was crucified and raised from the dead
  • Jesus is coming again to judge sin and rule the world
  • You must accept Jesus as savior to gain God’s full blessings and eternal life
  • The original scripture writings are perfect and are God’s Word
  • The gifts of the Holy Spirit are for today
  • That everyone has a ministry, should seek, find and fulfill that ministry
  • In the triune, three in one God; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
  • God still speaks to people today
  • The book of Acts is for today
  • The firm foundation for a living, active and powerful local church that transforms culture is based on a husband and wife pastoring their family around the kitchen table
  • It is only by the power and voice of the indwelling Holy Spirit that we can understand the scriptures and apply them to our lives
  • There are 7 God ordained activities scripture mandates every believer in Jesus should participate in:
    1. Salvation
    2. Study of God’s Word
    3. Live a life of prayer
    4. Live in unbroken fellowship with other believers
    5. Build faith toward God and His Word with active, practical application
    6. Giving to support the body of Christ: sewing and reaping, including time, talent, and treasure
    7.  Mission: Finding one’s personal calling and fulfilling it

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